Perhaps you already know how awesome camper vans are and you want us to help you convert your own van into your ideal holiday wagon!

We offer all aspects of conversion work so you can choose exactly what you need from us. Tailoring your custom conversion to suit your needs and budget. We are always ready to help. Whether you want a ground up conversion or you are a budding DIY’er wanting some of the more technically challenging work done for peace of mind. We have you covered at Suffolk Campers.


See the world in a fully kitted out camper.


All the essentials for comfortable festivals and weekends.


Specialist fittings to order. Just ask and we’ll fit it!

Live in

Alternative living in a large camper you can call home.

Price list

Furniture SWB LWB
Kitchen unit and wardrobe unit in choice of finishes excluding appliances (from) £1,495 £1,695
Overhead shelf over kitchen unit with bottom row of LED lights. £250 £250
Table including sliding rail system and folding leg £150 £150
Front and rear bed boards including 2 doors (3/4 width bed) £295 £295
Beds SWB / LWB
3/4 Steel framed rock and roll bed upholstered in vinyl and cloth £850
M1 crash tested JAC 3/4 rock and roll bed £1,295
RIB Altair 112cm crash tested bed upholstered in fabric. (from) £2,350
Appliances SWB / LWB
(Dometic) Waeco CR50 compressor fridge (other fridges available) £555
Smev combi sink and hob, including pipes, water container gas pipework (from) £625
Power Supply SWB / LWB
T5 110amp leisure battery and heavy duty split charge relay £350
T6 110amp leisure battery and heavy duty split charge relay £475
Power management system, including 2 x 240v sockets, external hook up point & 12v charger (from) £650
Heating SWB / LWB
Eberspacher D2 diesel heater £1,195
Swivel Seat Plates SWB / LWB
Single passenger swivel plate £160
Single driver swivel plate £220
Double passenger swivel plate £350
Curtains SWB / LWB
Black out Van X curtains (each) £85
Barn Door Van X Curtains (pair) £95
Pop Tops (Elevating Roofs) SWB LWB
WestDubs Pop Top (from) £2,600 £2,800
Windows SWB / LWB
Front side (from) £160
Carpet Lining SWB LWB
Carpet line rear metal work & ply panels in a choice of colours (includes ply panels) £695 £745
Insulation (from) £100 £120
Flooring SWB LWB
Flooring in heavy duty Altro (from) £160 £175
Ply Floor £125 £140